Environmental Clients

Our firm’s environmental clients, past and present, include:

  • National Wildlife Federation
  • Sierra Club
  • Center for Biological Diversity
  • Endangered Habitats League
  • The California Chaparral Institute
  • Preserve Wild Santee
  • San Elijo Lagoon Conservancy
  • Save the Bay
  • Heart of Valley Center

We have also represented several dozen citizen and neighborhood groups. Government clients include the Rainbow Municipal Water District and the Puente Hills Landfill Habitat Preservation Authority.

Our firm has litigated environmental/land use cases against many cities in southern California, including the Cities of Carlsbad, Chino Hills, Coronado, Del Mar, Encinitas, Escondido, Irvine, Los Angeles, Oceanside, Poway, San Diego and Santee.

Our published appellate decisions include:

  • Quail Botanical Gardens Foundation, Inc v. City of Encinitas (1994) 29 Cal. App. 4th 1597;
  • Defend The Bay v. City of Irvine (2004) 119 Cal. App. 4th 1261; Banker’s Hill, Hillcrest, Park West Community Preservation Group v. City of San Diego (2006) 139 Cal. App. 4th 249; and
  • Preserve Wild Santee v. City of Santee 210 Cal.App.4th 260 (2012).

As CEQA attorneys, we have negotiated, both in and out of litigation, dozens of complex and multi-faceted settlement/mitigation packages on behalf of clients. We have authored a number of managed growth initiatives as well as several referenda challenging development projects. Growth management laws authored by our lawyers are part of the General Plans of the Cities of Encinitas, Escondido and Solana Beach.